ANA LAVERDE Colombian designer; delivers exclusivity, design, leather and color in each of its pieces of leather goods, reflecting on each limited collection the extroverted, modern and emotional personality of the brand.  Proudly responsible with the planet and society ANA works only with the best quality Colombian leather that has been tanned chemicals free including chromium.  All her designs are governed by environmentally responsible processes, taking care of our rivers. All our products are handmade by Colombian experts in leather work. We carefully design each of our 2 per year collections. One by one, we cut, devastate and polish the leather so it is light and soft; then we join the pieces until creating each one of the exclusive designs of our brand.
Our philosophy is framed under a perfect balance between design, and consciousness on what we wear;  as our logo  expresses it. The amount of elements arranged on each elegant and cheerful handbag design,  allows our clients to be extroverted and exclusive in their own way. Our slogan “HAPPY WOMEN COLORFUL HANDBAGS” shows our belief on how color exalts each women personality and daily mood, what we chose to wear and use it´s definitely a reflection of how we feel every day! 

CAUTION: To obtain the best performance of our 100% best quality Colombian chrome free Tanned Leather, it is important to keep in mind that since it is raw material of organic origin, it should NOT get wet, in case it happens it should be dried immediately with a soft cloth and left to dry in the shade. The daily use will bring with it wrinkles that will form naturally. Natural cowhide leather is painted and dyed manually, with time and exposure to sunlight, it can vary its original tone. In case of staining by contact with an external product, it is recommended to clean the leather very softly with a damp cloth or SPECIAL CLEANING cream for LEATHER, so that it does not alter the original color of the product. NOTE: Regular hand creams can discolour leather if it contains chemicals!

WARRANTY: All our pieces are guaranteed for 4 months by imperfect ones like loose seams or hardware damaged by poor quality from their factory. All the metal fittings we use are imported from Italy; however we are not exempt from receiving any imperfect part. In case of damage due to misuse or manipulation of the product, we can help you evaluate, depending on the case, if it is possible to repair it or not; however, we are not responsible for the shipping or labor costs that this implies.

Thank you for buying our products & for supporting our cause!