ANA LAVERDE handbags, delivers exceptional geometric design , top quality Colombian handmade leather goods. The brand is best described by it’s own slogan “happy people, colorful handbags” as is the designer herself. A brand moved by shape and color. We are inspired and dedicated to stylish, practical, functional, modern people!

We use the finest materials, produced with a conscious. Our bags are hand-made in Bogota with Italian Leather,  treated and colored exclusively for us, under a strict quality and enviromental control process. As a Brand we seek to find the perfect balance between functionality and esthetics. 

Ana Laverde is a Colombian Designer. Founder and Creative Director of Ana Laverde handbags. Born and raised in Bogota, she graduated with a degree in Industrial Design from  Universidad Javeriana. After working for few years as junior product Designer, Ana moved to Milan Italy in 2007, undertaking a Master’s Degree in Packaging Design at  the Instituto Europeo Di Disegno.

While in Milan Ana discovered her passion for leather, geometry, shape, and color. At this time, she also began collecting handbags and manufacturing prototypes as a hobby. After graduation, her career and adventurous spirit lead her to become a “citizen of the world” as she describes herself. She began living in Vancouver, then studding in Milan, on 2009 Ana accepted a position as Senior Designer in Peru  where she resided for 5 years.

In 2013 after 10 years abroad, Ana returned to Colombia inspired to launch her personal Project Ana Laverde handbags. Since launching her namesake Brand in 2014, she has fast become one the industry’s most buzzed-about Young designers. Ana is an electric soul, with a unique take on design.  After a critically acclaimed debut at Bogota Fashion Week this year 2017, along with endless curiosity and innate ability to innovate Ana has turned her young brand into a life long project.